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About Us

In business since 2010, at Home Energy HERO we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective, custom-tailored home energy solutions that will lead to lower energy bills and a more comfortable, healthier, safer, cleaner home for you and your family.

What makes Home Energy HERO different? 

SERVICE - Every time we are invited into a home we have an opportunity to improve the lives of our clients. We love that challenge of how to achieve the most comfort and efficiency at the same time. We are always looking to amaze you at what we know and can do to make you an ambassador for our company. The best part is what we do makes folks more comfortable, utility bills more affordable and homes more valuable all at the same time.

COST - Our objective is for you to reduce more energy with the least amount of cost. Charging $1000 more for the same measure can take years to payback. We'd rather you bank that money and speak highly of your experience. The more you save, the better we look. We can deliever our price point because we are a small, dynamic team with low overhead costs, meaning we can give you a better deal than larger home performance companies for the exact same measures.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL - We're not just another contractor sending a crew. Our energy auditors remain on-site to ensure that you receive maximum energy savings, we leave the jobsite cleaner than when we got there, and we can always be found taking extra steps that weren't in the contract to ensure that our customers are happy at the end of the job.

AND ONE MORE THING - We will file any required paperwork for tax credits, rebates and other incentives for you, so you get the best deal on your home performance improvements with the least hassle.

We are certified BPI/RESNET Energy Auditors and HERS raters, and provide Home Energy Audits and Efficiency Solutions to homes in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Our certified Building Analysts perform comprehensive audits with detailed inspections and diagnostic testing such as blower door and infrared scanning to test your homes efficiency. Our clients are amazed at what we can find and how simple and affordable most of the recommendations we provide them.

We serve Howard, Frederick, Carroll, Baltimore, Harford, Montgomer and Anne Arundel counties in Maryland and York, Adams, Lancaster, Cumberland and Dauphin counties in Pennsylvania, as well as parts of northern Virginia.

If you're interested in reducing your energy bills while improving your home's comfort and home health, we'd love to talk to you. Feel free to contact us today to schedule a home energy audit, or a no-obligation over-the-phone home energy consultation.