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Do you live in a barn?

Those famous words that my father used to say to me when I would leave the front door ajar. Well, maybe a little bit more than ajar… For him, the thought of his air conditioning escaping wastefully out the front door was something catastrophic. To me, I knew that letting the cold air outside was bad, but was it really that bad? To my father it was and now I get it.

As certified Energy Auditors, we know that buildings have lots of little cracks that let air out. Mostly air that has already been heated or cooled! We also know that the leakier the house is, the more that air changes or exchanges in an hour letting the air from outside leak in through the basement and letting the inside air out through the attic by way of Stack Effect. It is not quite as bad as living in a barn (hopefully) but more similar to leaving the door ajar on your refrigerator.

At Home Energy H.E.R.O. we want to help our customers understand how to stop those leaks and make their house as efficient and comfortable as they can. The leaks are not your fault but you dont have to keep paying for them either.  You will be amazed at what an energy audit can do for you and your family.



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We realize that structures have loads of little breaks that let freshen up. For the most part air that has just been warmed or cooled! We likewise realize that the leakier the house is, the more that air changes or trades in a hour letting the air from outside break. Well! this service is actually free of cost and people must take maximum benefits from it.

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