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Five Ways to Prepare Your Fridge for Hurricane Sandy

According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Sandy is expected it to hit the coast late tonight or early tomorrow morning. There’s a high wind warning for central Maryland, which will remain in affect until 8pm EDT Tuesday. Our area might lose power, which is why it is important to make sure your refrigerator is storm-ready.

A stocked refrigerator/freezer uses less energy. The cold stocked items hold the inside temperature and the thermostat does not drop as quickly so the motor does not have to run as often. While the fear of having to “toss” spoiled food can scare us from filling the fridge, these recommendations can most likely save your perishables and energy at the same time.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Fridge for Hurricane Sandy

  1. Keep the most-used items closest to the refrigerator door. These items should be quickly accessible in order to minimize the period the door is opened and cool air escapes. Move those old jars of cocktail sauce and dressings to the back!
  2. Fill up empty Tupperware containers with water and put them in the freezer. If you have empty space, consider filling it up empty containers like Tupperware, with water. Filling up ‘Ziploc’ bags and placing them in the freezer can also fill gaps.
  3. Don’t touch the back wall of the fridge! If you fill the fridge, keep items from touching the back wall. The space will allow the air to better circulate and keep the items colder, faster.
  4. Dust or vacuum refrigerator coils. It's never on the top of the list but if you can, take a few minutes to dust or vacuum your refrigerator coils. The coils on the back of refrigerator are what pull the heat out. If they get too dusty, they can conduct heat making your fridge work harder.
  5. If you are out of power, tape your fridge. Take a piece of tape, like painters tape, and applying to both the door and fridge will ensure that the door is shut. This is also a HUGE reminder (especially to kids) that they need to get in and out quickly. It certainly helps them think before standing in front of the fridge contemplating their next snack.

We wish everyone a SAFE SANDY and hopefully no one is out of power, or at least very long. Feel free to send us photos of your family hunkering down or of your storm-ready fridge. We would love to post them!



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Refrigerator Protection

Very very thank you for your valuable information .I would try to follow the steps next time before the Hurricane comes. I liked the last comment to tape the refrigerator.


My wife have a lot of questions in the preparation of Fridge for Hurricane Sandy. She know only one way which not work as she want to implement. I decide to help her and now i will share these Five Ways to Prepare Your Fridge for Hurricane Sandy. She will be happy after getting this article.

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wonderful post I think It's never on the highest priority on the rundown however in the event that you can, take a couple of minutes to clean or vacuum your icebox curls. The curls on the back of fridge are what haul the warmth out. In the event that they get excessively dusty, they can lead warm influencing your refrigerator to work harder.

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