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Energy Audit Brings Big Savings

A leaky home costs money. You’re paying for the energy it takes to heat or cool your home, regardless of whether or not there are inefficiencies. Some people will set their thermostat lower to save money, but you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for savings. You can have both!

Most Maryland customers qualify for a $100 Home Energy Audit, which will normally cost around $400.

TownhouseA Home Energy Audit, also referred to as a Home Energy Assessment, helps homeowners understand where and how their house is losing energy and money. The technician performs a “checkup” on your home and provides you with a full report.

We start by asking you some questions about why you requested an audit: Are you interested mainly in the savings on your heating bill? Is there a room in the house that is always hot or always cold? Do you have any specific concerns?

After we review some of your current utility bills, it’s time to start the inspection.

  1. Blower Door and Infrared Camera Test: The blower door will suck the air out of the house, allowing outside air to rush into the home and through all those openings we didn’t know about. These leaks are easy to see with our infrared camera.
  2. Combustion Safety and Efficiency Testing: We test for back drafting, flame roll out, carbon monoxide and gas leakage. How much does it cost you to run your HVAC (Heating Vent Air Conditioning) unit each month? What about your water heater? We’ll let you know.
  3. Basement: How energy efficient is your furnace? Do you need a new filter or would you benefit from a new system? What about your hot water heater? Is the insulation around your hot water heater in tact?
  4. Duct Work: Are all ducts sealed? Are there any holes that should be patched?
  5. Attic: Has insulation fallen down or is it missing in some areas? Is there proper ventilation? What is the condition of the vent pipe and the ceiling seams?

Within a week after the audit, you will receive a comprehensive report of your home’s performance in efficiency, safety, durability, and health. The report provides you with a set of recommendations on how to improve your home’s performance. We also provide you with an estimate of how many months it will take for you to see a return on any repair investment. Whether you decide to do it yourself or if you use one of our recommended contractors for the repairs, you know that you will be saving money on your heating bill.

For information specifically on the Home Energy HERO’s process, visit our Energy Audits page.

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