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A Frosty Roof is Better Than None

Now that it’s getting colder outside, take a look at your roof on a frosty morning. Do areas of your roof have frost while others do not? How does the frost or snow on your roof compare to your neighbor’s?

Jack Frost blows on house

If your roof has patches of frost or if your roof has no frost compared to your neighbors, here are five questions to ask:

  1. Is there a tree or another object that blocks the sun from your roof? If so, there might be no need to worry about the patches of frost.
  2. Is your attic properly insulated? Read Where to Insulate in a Home
  3. Do you see any correlation between the frostless areas on your roof and a lack of insulation in your attic?
  4. Are the heating ducts in your attic well insulated? If not, these guys might be to blame.
  5. Are the gaps around your chimney and/or attic area sealed?

The absence of frost on your roof is an indicator of heat loss. Warm inside air can creep into your attic, causing costly heating bills. These frostless patches could also be from insufficient insulation. If you can’t answer these questions on your own, call a HERO at (866)-490-4376.


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