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Video: Indoor Air Quality is a Threat to Public Health.

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Did you know that the EPA ranks indoor air quality among the top 5 threats to public health in North America? It's true: poor indoor air quality may lead to asthma, allergies, or even death.

One sure-fire way to reduce the risk of unsafe indoor air quality is to have a home performance upgrade. Contact us to learn more.

Indoor Air Quality from Billy Hunt on Vimeo.


Indoor Air Quality

Home indoor air quality depends on different aspects such as home air sealing, proper ventilation through the door, windows, and skylights, and many others. In different countries due to different facts, people are unable to get fresh air in their home, this is just because of pollution and lack of energy efficiency in the home. So, as a homeowner, we need to do the inspection to get fresh air and improve the indoor air quality of our home.

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Did you recognize that the EPA ranks indoor air great some of the pinnacle 5 threats to public health in North the united states? It’s real: bad indoor air first-rate may additionally lead to asthma, allergies, or maybe demise. One positive-hearth manner to lessen the risk of hazardous indoor air high-quality is to have a home overall performance upgrade.

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