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The Myers-Passionate about what he does and it shows
Rich at Home Energy HERO did an outstanding job for us in determining our energy inefficiencies and how to address them. Rich is passionate about what he does and it shows. His initial evaluation was thorough and very understandable. He worked with us after the initial analysis and was patient as we took our time to make decisions. When Rich and the crew came back they were very professional and did a few extras. After the work was done, we discussed a few concerns with Rich and he quickly addressed them in a manner that we were very satisfied. We were very glad to work with Rich and would… (read more)
The Forhan's, Reisterstown- "The final product was way better than we expected"
Being a home owner can be challenging. Being a first-time home owner can be even more so. Finding a good contractor can be like walking through a maze of darkened alleys. Confusing road signs promise vasts amounts of money returned to those who go the proper path. Rascals, scoundrels, villains and knaves ready to pounce on the unsuspecting walker who makes a wrong turn. One can find themselves suddenly surrounded by nothing but alleyways. Which is the safest? Which is the best? What will cost the most or least? Help! Help us! We're lost! And then a HERO appears to show us the path.
Charlotte, Rockville- If you dont do this, your mostly just "guessing"
My 5 bedroom Colonial home is over 40 years old and in spite or recent siding and new energy efficient windows my house still seemed "drafty" Besides that, the wide strips of insulating weather stripping were falling apart and falling to the ground in the "crawl space" attic area. I began to get estimates and make myself more knowledgeable about insulation. Wow, there was a lot to know. I heard about getting an energy audit and at first I was skeptical. You do need that to get the rebates so I did it. – Wow, that turned out to be a great decision as it really pinpoints the… (read more)
The Castle's- Rockin' a 30% reduction in bills!
Hi! My name is Johnny Castle, and we just had our energy issues addressed thanks to Rich Dexter who oversaw the entire process. He is efficient, professional and a really nice guy. He tightened up our home at a whopping 30% reduction in air leakage! Our house is only 35 yrs old. He made it so easy...sign a few forms, he does the heavy lifting. My wife and I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Rich Dexter, a real home energy hero.
Dr. Kutz- Follow this doctors orders
Our testimonial
Ms. Klein-...thorough in his evaluation
This was an excellent experience from start to finish. Mr. Dexter was thorough in his evaluation and explanation of what needed to be done. He and his crew were prompt and efficient throughout the process.
Chrissie B- ..and the improvement is remarkable
Home Energy Hero executed the insulation and air sealing in our home, and the improvement is remarkable. Our home was very leaky, and after the insulation remodeling, we are already experiencing a more efficient use of our home heating utilities.
The Mack's- First bill dropped by $60 in the hottest month of the year
Steve, Germantown MD- He prepared the paperwork and made the rebate fairly painless
The energy audit was very comprehensive, and all of my questions were happily answered as he went through the house. Home Energy Hero helped communicate the needs of the house properly to the contractor that did the insulation and sealing. After the home sealing, the retest was performed, the house passed its leak test, and he even helped prepare some of the paperwork. It made the process fairly painless
Gabrielle, Kensington - Work was done right.
Working with Home Energy HERO was an excellent experience. Mr. Dexter made sure the work that was contracted was done correctly and to the highest quality. He was on sight and reviewed all work that was completed. Since working with HEH I have had a house that is much cooler on the hottest of days, free of drafts and loss of precious cooled air. I look forward to the winter months to see the results in my energy bills .