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Courteous, on time, and honest about the process.

Kevin O'Brien- Courteous, on time and honest about the process


My name is Kevin O'Brien and I used Rich for a home energy audit and subsequent sealing/ insulation work in the last couple months. My goal was to understand my home efficiency prior to making a significant investment in windows (I was convinced I needed new windows since they were original to the 20 yr old home and are a bit ragged… but figured spending money on an audit was a drop in the bucket and a good way to start as opposed to just diving in with the windows).

Rich took time with me and my wife to explain the process. I wasn’t home when he did the audit so it was important to me that he was able to communicate effectively with my wife on the whole thing… he did a great job. He followed up the audit with the results, simple explanations of what was going on, a proposal on addressing my issues (surprisingly my major issue was depth and coverage of insulation – R Value – as opposed to what I thought was primarily an ‘air leakage’ issue with the windows), and documentation on what rebates to expect/ not to expect given the work he had recommended. He guided us through all the documentation that would need to be submitted for those rebates (pre-filling out things on our behalf mostly which was greatly appreciated) and talked us through his approach to leading the completion of the work.

We scheduled the work to be done a few weeks out and he was there, in person, the entire time the insulation crew was working on site. I was happy to see him making sure that the work was being done in line with the expectations he set and it meant we only had to deal with him as questions or clarifications were needed for the job. We even changed some things on him last second and he was happy to help us adjust the services provided that day.

He followed up a few days later checking in and again a week or so later with all the pre-filled rebate info.

In terms of results I will say this: We have gas heater both in basement and attic. In the prior 4 Fall seasons we lived in the home, we always had one or both of them running on nights like the cool nights we’ve had recently. On the top floor, the Temps would drop from let’s say 72 to like 66 overnight if we didn’t run the heat. With the insulation work done, the top floor temp has not dropped below 69 overnight. the home holds the air / heat it accumulates during the day and it’s much more comfortable since it’s not being cycled through a blower and dried out. Everyone is much happier… especially me since I now know that the windows just need some TLC,,,, not be replaced.

He was always courteous, on time, and honest about the process. I would work with him again for sure and am happy to recommend him.