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Better than expected

The Forhan's, Reisterstown- "The final product was way better than we expected"

Being a home owner can be challenging. Being a first-time home owner can be even more so. Finding a good contractor can be like walking through a maze of darkened alleys. Confusing road signs promise vasts amounts of money returned to those who go the proper path. Rascals, scoundrels, villains and knaves ready to pounce on the unsuspecting walker who makes a wrong turn. One can find themselves suddenly surrounded by nothing but alleyways. Which is the safest? Which is the best? What will cost the most or least? Help! Help us! We're lost!

And then a HERO appears to show us the path.

Rich Dexter at Home Energy HERO was a true pleasure work with. He patiently answered all of our questions throughout the process. He made suggestions on the best ways to spend our money for our comfort, energy savings, rebates and return on investment. He is very detail-oriented and kept a close eye on his insulation crew, who were also very good at their jobs. His estimates were lower than the several other ones we got from BGE-approved contractors and the final product was better than we'd expected. When the unforeseeable happened, such as some plastic shutter pins broke, he had a crew out the very next day to repair them.

We highly recommend Home Energy HERO for anyone who needs environmentally conscious upgrades to his or her home.