Charlotte, Rockville- If you dont do this, you're mostly just "guessing" 

My 5 bedroom Colonial home is over 40 years old and in spite or recent siding and new energy efficient windows my house still seemed "drafty" Besides that, the wide strips of insulating weather stripping were falling apart and falling to the ground in the "crawl space" attic area. I began to get estimates and make myself more knowledgeable about insulation. Wow, there was a lot to know. I heard about getting an energy audit and at first I was skeptical. You do need that to get the rebates so I did it. – Wow, that turned out to be a great decision as it really pinpoints the areas where you are "leaking" air. If you don't do this, one is just mostly "guessing".  

I found Richard Dexter of Home Energy -HERO to be experienced, professional and extremely knowledgeable. He made some really good suggestions that others had not made. He takes pictures of the areas that you can't get to and you can actually see what he is referring to. He even has an instrument that "sees" thru the walls! Three areas of the home were targeted, the basement, the slope attic and the upper attic. His prices were very competitive and he made me aware of the wonderful rebates this year that were available from Pepco, etc. (50 % up to $2000.) That is no small change and Richard takes care of all the paper work for you. His crew came right on time, and were very respectful of me and my personal property. They protected my floors and carpet,- they worked well,- and Richard was there all day supervising and checking that the workers did what we had agreed upon!

When they were done, all was cleaned up and/or moved back to my satisfaction. Richard conducted another "blower door test" at the end of the day - (it's really neat to see how it is done) and it showed a big reduction in my air "leakage". My insulation levels were greatly increased right where they needed to be. I commented to Richard a few days later, that my house now feels "snugger" - and I am sure my utility bills will be reduced which will bring additional monetary savings for years to come. I am very satisfied and highly recommend Richard and this company for your insulation needs.

Respectfully, - A Rockville Homeowner

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