Elissa of SIlver Spring- Fixing my new home nightmare 

We just moved in to our new large home from a small townhouse in December. The first months bill from Pepco was $750.00 and we dreaded what would happen when winter really hit. Rich, the owner of Home Energy Hero, was the first person to respond to my request for a home energy audit. He personally came out to our home and did the work for us directly, instead of sending a technician or other representative. He worked quickly and efficiently, reviewing all of our issues very thoroughly. Our audit report was available by email within a week, and from there, he advised us to do things such as adding a programmable thermostat and change light bulbs. He also scheduled an insulation job for us that was done the following week at a great price. Rich helped us find all of the possible rebates that were available through the State and through Pepco, and worked with us to fill out the paperwork. When the insulation was put in, he personally supervised the project and helped to finish other small things around the house such as covering the water heater, caulking, and replacing light bulbs. Since our audit, our electric bill has consistently gone down, even through the coldest part of the winter, more than $200 each month. We are very pleased with the work Home Energy Hero has done in our home and would highly recommend them. 02/2011

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