5 Reasons to Get a Home Energy Audit

When was the last time you had an energy audit done on your home? A home energy audit, also commonly known as a home performance audit, is a great way to see where your home stands when it comes to its energy efficiency. Specifically, an audit through our team at Home Energy Hero is a seven-step process that includes testing of air leakage rates, infrared thermal imaging, combustion safety testing, and more.

Not sure whether a home energy audit is right for you? Explore a handful of the most compelling reasons to add an audit to your list of home-maintenance projects this year!

You Should Get a Home Energy Audit

1. Start Saving Money

The end goal for most homeowners scheduling a performance audit is to save money. When you receive your final report with our findings, you’ll also enjoy some personalized recommendations from our auditors. By following through on some or all of these recommendations, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency and start cutting down on your utility bills as a result. In this sense, the money you spend on a home energy audit is truly an investment in your home and your future finances.

2. Be More Comfortable

When your home is more energy-efficient, it’s also more comfortable for everybody in your household. After you’ve made some suggested upgrades and/or repairs to improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce air leakage, you may find that your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round. This means you can enjoy maximum comfort inside your home’s living spaces while also saving money on your energy bills and reducing wear and tear on your HVAC system.

3. Boost Resale Value

Today’s home buyers care about energy efficiency more than ever before. In fact, in one survey of real estate agents, more than half responded that their clients are invested in sustainability when shopping for a new home. By having an energy audit performed on your home and making changes to improve your home’s efficiency, you can show prospective buyers that you care about sustainability and comfort as much as they do. 

All of this, in turn, can generate more interest in your home when it comes time to sell. Some sellers even consider having a second energy audit performed and providing the results of the audit to prospective buyers, as this can be a further selling point.

4. Discover Hidden Problems

Oftentimes, home energy audits uncover problems that homeowners may have otherwise been unaware of. An auditor may find, for instance, that a home’s attic is not properly ventilated and is thus causing the home’s HVAC system to work harder than it should. Or, an auditor may simply discover that the home’s ductwork was never insulated when it was installed, resulting in temperature loss as air travels from the furnace or AC to vents throughout the home. 

By being aware of these issues and making necessary repairs, homeowners can take care of these problems before they turn into more serious issues or waste any more of their hard-earned money.

5. Do Your Part to Help the Planet

When your home is more energy-efficient, you reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to help protect the environment. Knowing that you’ve done everything you can to make your home more energy-efficient can make you feel a little better about your household’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Ready to Schedule Your Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit can provide you with valuable insights into your home’s energy usage, as well as detailed recommendations that can boost your home’s energy efficiency. Are you ready to schedule your home performance audit or find out more about this service? Contact our team at Home Energy Hero today at (888) 490-HERO. We’d be happy to explain our audit process further and get you scheduled for a date and time that works with your schedule.