Blog Are Drafty Windows Really the Problem?

You’re sitting on the couch next to a window and feel a light breeze. Immediately, you worry that your home needs new windows. How will you pay for that big expense? Is it necessary in order to feel comfortable in your home?

The window industry loves to make you think that your home is drafty because of the windows. Oftentimes, it’s actually the trim or the moulding that could use some fixing or sealing. This is something that can be easily diagnosed during a home energy audit.

Window replacement is one of my least favorite suggestions for energy-efficiency because the payback period is so long. A payback period is the amount of time it will take for you to see the savings of your energy bills surpass the expense of replacing your windows. If you decide to replace your windows, you might only see $5-7 of savings per year, per window. At roughly $300 per window, that means it could take you 43 years to see the benefit of replacement. (Note: the average lifespan of new windows is only 15-20 years!)

On the other hand, if you have a sunroom that is baking the inside of your home, going from a single pane to a double pane could be worth the cost of window replacement. It really depends. That’s why it’s beneficial to have a certified home performance professional take a look at your property.

During a home energy audit, we identify problems and provide a prioritized list of recommendations in the follow-up report. We want you to get the most bang for your buck.

Before dropping $10,000 on windows, spend a couple of hundred bucks (only $100 through BGE or PEPCO) on a home energy audit. You’ll be more comfortable in your home and you’ll know what improvements you need to make in order to make your home as energy efficient as possible-you might just be PANE–free.

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