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home performance servicesHome Energy Hero provides comprehensive home energy upgrades in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and parts of Virginia. Beginning with a comprehensive home energy audit, in which we identify the most cost-effective home performance improvements that can be made to your home, we offer solutions for improved comfort and indoor air quality, and reduced energy bills and environmental impact. 

We are a family-owned local business with a strong customer service track record, and work with each of our clients to determine the best options for a given home.

For more information about the specific services we offer, contact us directly, or read more on one of the following pages: 

Energy Audits

Diagnose your home's biggest sources of energy waste, and receive a plan of attack for improving your home's energy performance and comfort. Read more...

Home Performance Contracting

Comprehensive home energy upgrades maximize comfort, energy efficiency, and health & safety, while minimizing energy bills and environmental impact. Read more...

Insulation Installation

We offer cellulose insulation and spray foam insulation for attics, walls, new construction & energy retrofits. Read more...

Energy Star New Homes

Home Energy Hero is qualified to provide ENERGY STAR Certification for new homes. Energy Star homes are significantly more energy efficient than their code-built counterparts. Read more...